Up to this point very satisfied with product and service.
I like the personal attention I get at Kingston Audibel Hearing and the rapidity at which problems are addressed. I’ve been a customer for about eight months. I’ve tried others, but they’re the best hearing devices that I have yet tried out. I like that they have a device that connects the hearing aid to the television without affecting other people in the room. This is great for people hard of hearing. That’s a good feature.

Robert T.
Chatanooga, TN, WA

Everything that an older person would want
I find Eric of Kingston Audibel Hearing to be very informative, knowledgeable, understanding of older people. I find his conversation in sync with mine as a religious person and being knowledgeable about events in the community. We can relax and talk while he’s fixing something or taking notes. I find him very sociable. If he was an MD I would call him a “bedside doctor.”
I’ve had three other hearing aid companies get in touch with me and try to sell me stuff and get my to come in. They try to give me an incentive of cost to come in, but they’re not exactly what they are saying. For instance, one offered me a lower price on purchase, but they don’t have anyone in the area to service. It’s things like this that show I’m happy with Eric. He’s been good to me so why change? Even if it is a few bucks more, I’d go to Eric before someone else because I’m happy where I am.
I would give them a 6 out of 5 if I could. He’s everything that you would want as a senior citizen. He doesn’t try to pressure you or give you a sales pitch. He’s kind, understanding and sociable.

Ronald G.
Chattanooga, TN

Easy, informative, friendly
I have been recommending Kingston Audibel Hearing since I stared going there. I am very happy with the hearing aid as well as the initial exam and how he explained everything. I felt everything was easy and informative and friendly.
I would highly recommend them!

Laurel K.
Kingston, TN.

They are very good people. You couldn’t ask for any better.
I had hearing aids that I bought down in Georgia from Audibel. When I moved, I went to Kingston Audibel Hearing. I’ve had to had my hearing aid sent back to the manufacturer and it took about a week. Other than that no problems. They’ll always call me and they are willing to help. They are very good people. You couldn’t ask for any better. I continue to use their service because I’ve always had excellent service from Audibel. I recommend them highly. I have told people about them. Anyone that has hearing problems, I tell them about them.

Charlene G.
Jonesboro, TN.

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Customer Reviews

Audibel is superb! Taylor and Emily got this old Veteran through the hearing test even with my claustrophobia. They allowed me to take breaks throughout the test. When it came time to make the molds for my hearing aides, we found out that I was allergic to silicone. No problem...

Loreen Silvarahawk, on Google

My first hearing test in many years. Evaluation was thorough and explanations were easy to understand. They were patient with my questions. I like the 30 day return policy. The ladies out front were very friendly and helpful in connecting my new hearing aids to my phone.

Linda Brown, on Google

Did needed adjustments efficiently.

Joel Kosmac, on Google

Had a problem with the blue tooth connection with my hearing aids. Audibel personal handled my problem and so far all is good.

Dwayne Beaty, on Google

johnny mcvay, on Google

Very Pleased. I learned a great deal about hearing loss and the ability of the new technology to address the specifics of my loss.

Timothy Joseph, on Google

Very good service under warranty

Lona Wood, on Google

Very professional and kind man. Kevin explained everything and was very helpful.

Harley Quinn, on Google

Excellent service, had hearing aids cleaned, great job and quick service.

Susan McKaig, on Google

They're good hearing aids to help you hear what's going on around you

Faye Nabors, on Google

Ken Mynatt, on Google

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